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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still here...

Hello everyone, I'm still here, still have some stuff to post--I've just been taking a break.

I thought I'd mention some new pipe cleaners I got today. I buy pipe cleaners from Wal-Mart a lot because it's convenient, but the cleaners they sold (called "chenille stems") were made for arts & crafts and not for pipe cleaning, and they weren't the best. Like I said, I only bought them because it was so convenient and they are cheap. The fluff tending to come off the ends sometimes and get into the pipe, so you had to watch for that. However, today I bought some that are a different brand. These are called "Fuzzy Sticks." They are much better pipe cleaners. The fluff doesn't come off and it's much denser than the old ones. I don't know if this is a permanent change or if it's just something they found cheaper than the old ones. Anyway, I thought I'd throw this info out there in case someone finds it useful.

The Fuzzy Sticks also come in a plastic bag with a ziplock on one end, to keep them fresh or something, I guess. Anyway, I'll be back with the usual stuff eventually.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Afternoon pipe work

I did a long-overdue pipe cleaning today. I didn't clean every pipe that needed it, but I did clean up four pipes that were badly in need of a cleaning and reaming: the Wellington, the Kaywoodie author, the Velani Dublin and the Velani octagon. These four pipes have been getting most of the work lately, and the Wellington especially needed a good cleaning because the reservoir gets gunked up pretty bad. I use a q-tip soaked in Everclear to clean it out.

I did this cleaning today because yesterday my tobacco order came in: one pound each of Bayou Night and Gray Ghost, both from Cornell & Diehl. These two blends have been my favorite smokes for a long time, although they are very different. Bayou Night is a Perique blend that has a lot of Perique; Gray Ghost is a blend of Virginia and maduro cigar leaf. One thing they have in common is that they are both quite robust. I have really been missing the little "sting" in my nose from the Gray Ghost. I have just finished a bowl in the author and am about to load it up again. Yes, I sometimes smoke the same pipe twice in a row without cooling it. Some pipes are up to such use, and some are not. I have done this with several of my pipes and so far I have not caused the downfall of civilization, so I don't worry about it too much. Since the author has a screw-in stem, I just unscrew it, give it a cursory clean, and keep going.

The Wellington and the Velani Dublin have been my truck pipes for a good while now, in fact I consider the Wellington to be on permanent station in my truck since it has become sort of my "signature" pipe. I carry pipe cleaners and a little Everclear in an old pipe sweetener container in my truck so I can give them light cleanings between smokes. I brought them inside today because they both needed a good reaming. The cake was getting a little too thick; somewhere on the heavy side of a nickel's thickness, I'd say.

I also made a long-overdue update to my online tobacco cellar, and finally put a permanent link to it in the sidebar, if you care to see what I have on hand. I will try to keep it more current during the coming year, and update it at least once per month.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekly pipe cleaning

Finished cleaning up this week's pipes. I smoked only 5 different pipes this week, but the Wellington and the Kaywoodie lovat got smoked every day with just quick clean-outs in between, since they were my truck pipes this week.

Next week's truck pipes will be the Wellington again, and the Kaywoodie yacht export pipe.

The Wellington can get really gunked up. I spent more time cleaning it than all four other pipes together, I think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to make a pipe wipe cloth

So, maybe you don't want to go to all the trouble of setting up a buffing/polishing station, maybe you don't want to buy the materials necessary to buff and wax pipes. Is there any other way you can preserve the shine of your pipes without actually buying buffing wheels and all that stuff?

Yes. You make a pipe wipe cloth.

Now, you can buy this stuff called Briar Pipe Wipe if you really want to. But chances are, you'll have to order it from somewhere unless you're lucky enough to have a local tobacconist who stocks it. And it will be relatively expensive for a small can of spray. The good news is, there's an easier to find and cheaper solution.

Go to any store that stocks regular household cleaning supplies and buy a can of Johnson & Johnson Favor dusting wax. Also get a pack of Handi-Wipes. I like to use Handi-Wipes, but I suppose any soft cloth would do.

Take out a Handi-Wipe, unfold it all the way and lay it down all spread out on a newspaper, or hang it up. If you hang it up, it would probably be a good idea to do it outside so you don't get Favor all over everything.

Once you have your wipe all spread out, thoroughly spray it with Favor. Spray until it's completely saturated and damp. Then, turn it over and do the same to the other side. Hang it up, still all the spread out and let it completely dry. You now have have a pipe wipe that will last for years.

Using a pipe wipe is only a substitute for a real buff & wax, but if you wipe down each pipe after every smoke, it will go a long way to preserve the shine and outer cleanliness of your pipes. Each time you finish a pipe, give it a wipe, including the stem, and don't forget to wipe the rim. This will really help reduce rim tar and will keep your pipes looking sharp.

In between uses, fold your pipe wipe and keep it inside a ziplock sandwich baggie to keep it clean.

I have several pipe wipes placed strategically where I usually smoke or handle pipes: my truck, my computer desk, and the bookshelf in the bedroom that serves as my pipe shelf. I never smoke in there, but hey, sometimes I like to just look at my collection, and a fresh wipe never hurts.