Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tobacco update

The Perique is starting to assert itself.

Having had a good 24 hours for the various leafs to meld and get to know each other a little, yesterday's batch of blended-on-the-fly tobacco has smoothed out a lot. The sweetness of the Virginia has become more rounded by the Perique, and overall the blend has become a little more robust and balanced than yesterday. I've also noticed a couple of brief whiffs of latakia, which I know is in there because I watched him mix it, but which seemed completely absent yesterday.

In comments, Zach said, "I've never figured out what that scoop thing is to be used for." I suppose it's meant to be used for working with cake, although I prefer a more blade-like tool with a more rounded end for cake working, myself.

Picture above shamelessly stolen from Pipe Lore. Corneel has written a two-part series on this remarkable tool: The Leatherman of the Pipe World part 1 and part 2. Although written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I must say that the very first thing I did with this tool was use the pick to open my container of lighter fluid. In fact, I've always used some part of a pipe tool for that.

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