Friday, May 16, 2008

One that Kaywoodie never thought of: the noseblaster

I'm sure most readers of this blog are already familiar with the term "nosewarmer." For those who aren't, "nosewarmer" is a term used for a very short pipe with a bent stem that hangs directly, or almost directly, under the nose. So what do you call a pipe that is aimed directly at the nose? I propose the term, "noseblaster."

This pipe turned up in a recent eBay auction. The seller claims this is a Kaywoodie Chesterfield. From the only photo included (shown below), we can safely assume that the bowl is indeed from a Chesterfield. I have mentioned this pipe before. It was Kaywoodie's knock-off of the Peterson System pipe, with a moisture-catching reservoir below the air passage in the shank. The Chesterfield was also equipped with a bent stem and a P-lip bit.

I do find this stem interesting, because it bears the same anonymous white logo as an unknown lovat in my collection.

The things people will try to sell. Good grief.

UPDATE: Four different bidders went for it. It sold for $21.50. The things people will buy.


  1. Great post. It gave me a laugh! That is a seriously ridiculous pipe and it is amazing that somebody thinks it will actually be usable.

    Good to see you back.

  2. It's obvious that the mouthpiece has been put in upside-down by a seller who doesn't know better or thinks it would stimulate more interest. It is a P bit and probably is the Chesterfield the seller advertised, just improperly assembled. You see that a lot on eBay, especially in pipe lots, and often in lots that include 'parts' you can see the bits that go with some of the bowls, but haven't been assembled because the seller doesn't know any better or simply doesn't care.