Friday, July 18, 2008

All About Tobacco by Milton M. Sherman

Milton M. Sherman has spent more than thirty years in the tobacco business. After leaving the University of Wisconsin, he went to work for The American Tobacco Co. In their sales division. In 1939, he joined Frank Riggio, formerly national sales of manager of American to launch one of the first successful "king size" cigarettes in America. His career was interrupted by World War I, when he served in Africa, India and China, moving up in rank from private to major. He resumed his affiliation with Riggio Tobacco Corp after the war and has since held executive sales positions in the packaging industry and most recently with one of the country's most prestigious tobacco retail and distribution- organizations. Mr. Sherman, who is known as Milt wherever tobacco products are made or sold, has written this fascinating and definitive book in the hope that tobacco men and tobacco consumer alike, will find increased enjoyment in the products, about which there is much misinformation and much little known fact.
Via a post at My Pipes Community is an online version of an interesting book called All About Tobacco by Milton Sherman. I should note that this document is hosted by, which is an anti-tobacco organization.

Still this was published not as propaganda, but as honest information. Publish date is 1970. I've only scanned through it, and actually downloaded the entire thing so I can peruse it at my leisure. It looks very interesting and shows a rare glimpse of an insider's view of the tobacco industry. Here is a list of chapters.

I. American Leaf Tobacco
II. Processed Tobaccos
III. Oriental (Turkish) Tobaccos
IV. How Tobacco Is Flavored (Cased)
V. How Tobacco Is Cut
VI. How Tobacco Is Manufactured
VII. Blending Pipe Tobacco
VIII. How Pipe Tobacco Is Manufactured and Packaged in the United States
IX. Pipe Tobaccos Manufactured in the United Kingdom
X. Pipe Tobacco Manufactured in Holland and Denmark
XI. How Cigarettes Are Manufactured in the United States
XII. How Cigarettes Are Manufactured in the United Kingdom
XIII. How Briar Pipes Are Manufactured
XIV. How to Buy a Pipe
XV. Meerschaum and Other Types of Pipes
XVI. All About Cigar Leaf
XVII. How to Smoke a Cigar
XVIII. The Care and Humidification of Tobacco Products

As you can see from the chapter list, this book promises to be a treasure-trove of information for the pipe lover. Especially if you are someone such as myself who sees the industry only from a consumer's perspective.

P.S. I tried uploading one graphic that included a (poor) reproduction of Sherman with a pipe, but Blogger apparently isn't taking uploads right now.


  1. I have this book it is informative found it for 6 dollars at a used book store.

  2. This is a fabulous book. Though the material is rather dated it still manages to stay current. It's my number one go to book for tobacco.