Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vintage Ad (1944): Kaywoodie--Talking It Over

Talking it Over by Rudolf Wetterau
Home is a lot of little things--the way you want 'em. A certain chair, and the ticking of a clock, the smell of what's on the stove, your old hat, and good friends.

And among these is a pipeful of tobacco, and plenty of time to enjoy it.

Kaywoodie pipes are part of this picture. When the work is done, when the slugging is over, you'll have the finest pipe that money and experience and painstaking care can produce...
A typical World War 2-era Kaywoodie ad. Emphasizing home and peaceful pursuits during a very bad time. Also, I have noticed, an emphasis on taking the time to relax after the hard work has been done. The usual speech about "imported briar," because some other pipe makers did attempt to use inferior American briar for pipes, since briar imports were cut off during the war. And the notice that "Many Kaywoodies go direct to our fighting men--please be patient if your dealer temporarily can't supply you."

Pictured is a top-o-da-line Flame Grain lovat. I don't go much for straight pipes, but I would for one like this.

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