Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Ad (1931): Granger Rough Cut

Granger displays a penchant for disturbing imagery in this pipe tobacco ad. Go ahead, click to enlarge and see if you can look at that face without wincing. Although I must admit, this is still a far cry from the Creepy Bond Street Guy, which I thought I had posted previously but apparently I haven't, so I'll save it for next week.


  1. You know reading the advertisement makes me wonder how much these old blends have adhered to the methods they where once made with. I have a pouch of Granger and I didn't even make it through one bowl. Tasted like plastic. Also it says this is derived from flake tobacco. None apparent in the pouch I have. On a side note I snagged a tin of
    Sugar Barrel that was very old. It had the tobacco stamp on it and was almost totally full.
    Rehydrated it and man is it good.

  2. Never tried the tobacco, but I must agree, that is one creepy painting! It's like a young art students attempt at a style copy of some better romantic artist, and failing...miserably.