Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage Ad (1946): Bond Street/Revelation

I have a sub-sub-hobby. Main hobby: pipe smoking. Sub-hobby: vintage pipe ads. Sub-sub-hobby: vintage ads featuring creepy Bond Street guys.

Bond Street seemed to have a knack for disturbing imagery in their ads. This guy isn't nearly as creepy as the official Creepy Bond Street Guy, but it's still pretty creepy.


  1. Too right. I can't imagine being able to enjoy a pipe tobacco that was weak enough to bother inhaling! Hilarious!

  2. Still feels like he's going to stab you and let his mangy mastiff have his way ... all the while lighting up and smiling like Mr Rogers.

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  4. 1-Christopher Lee
    2- Bela Lugosi
    ...Who´s next?