Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's work

Today I made a trip to the only tobacconist in the city (that I know of): The Humidor on San Pedro Ave. I have run out of all my favorite bulk tobaccos and I don't wish to smoke too much of my "good stuff" all at once, so I bought some various bulk leaves to whip up some of my own concoctions.

I bought 2 ounces each of Virginia and Perique and 1 ounce each of burley and Latakia. Before leaving their parking lot, I whipped up a quick pipeful of Perique mixed with C&D's Gray Ghost for the drive home. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and it was a good, long smoke. I have smoked Perique straight before, and enjoyed it, although it isn't something I want to do too often. However--and I should preface this with in my experience--straight Perique is difficult to burn. It works much better with a little something extra to more or less serve as an accelerant. The Gray Ghost is on the dry side and worked very well.

I also purchased a bunch of bristle pipe cleaners and a small container of Zippo lighting fluid. This stuff is hard to come by around here. I used to be able to buy it just about anywhere, but now no one stocks anything but butane. I think I might get a butane lighter eventually but I want to make sure I get a really good one that will last a long time, so I'll have to start researching that.

Upon arriving home, I mixed another very small sample with some of all four leaves and am enjoying it right now. Later on I will mix bigger samples and allow them to meld for a while before smoking. Right now it's just nice to have some decent bulk tobacco again.

And finally, I dropped off a pipe that needs a stem replacement. It is a pipe that I rescued from an estate lot and have never smoked because the stem was so badly damaged, but when I get it back I'll be sure and write something about it--after I've had chance to smoke it.


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading this morning, great post as always! I too have stocked up on some bulk blends from my tobacconist as I realized that I was burning through all of my expensive tins lol, though I have yet to try mixing my own blend. Luckily my tobacconist has some excellent blends but not a really good english so still have to go to my tins for that.

  2. As far as good butane pipe lighters go...Xikar makes a couple that are excellent values and very dependable. My wife bought me the Scribe a couple of years ago for Fathers's Day and I love it. It is a small pen sized flint ignition butane pipe lighter that fits nicely in my two pipe pouch without taking up too much space and lights every turn of the wheel. It is also hassle free on maintenance. Highly recommended!