Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pipe Smoker (fictional): Frosty the Snowman

The legendary being known as Frosty the Snowman was created by luck, or perhaps, by magic.  It is said that he came to life only when an old silk hat that had previously belonged to a magician was placed upon his head--leading to conjecture that there must have been some amount of magic in that hat.  However, it is uncertain if any other snowman could have been animated by the hat, because Frosty had been formed from Christmas snow--snow that had fallen on Christmas Day.  Thus we may assume that it was a special combination of the hat and the snow that caused his creation.

Frosty was, or is, an anthropomorphic being created from snow who wears no clothing other than his old silk hat, and he often wields a broom for reasons unknown.  His nose is made from a button and his strangely black eyes from two lumps of coal.  He also always has a corncob pipe firmly clenched in his mouth, but it is uncertain whether he actually smokes it or not.  Although at first befriended only by children and considered something of an outlaw because of his antics, his sometimes nonsensical proclamations (shouting "happy birthday!" with little prompting), and his flagrant disregard for traffic regulations, he eventually came to be loved by all the townsfolk.

Unable to survive in temperatures above freezing, he was not able to remain a permanent resident in the town of his creation.  When springtime brought higher temperatures that were lethal to him, he left for the North Pole, promising "I'll be back again someday."

Perhaps he lives still at the North Pole.  Children around the world commemorate him in popular song and still wait for him to "be back again someday," but thus far he has not returned.  In any case, tales of Frosty are still told wherever snow falls and whenever a bit of Christmas cheer is needed.

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