Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pipe Smoker (fictional): George Jetson

Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!

George Jetson is a fictional character from the animated series The Jetsons, pictured here (left to right) with his daughter Judy, his wife Jane, his son Elroy, and his dog Astro.  As you can see, Astro is somewhat anthropomorphic and is even able to speak in a sort of heavily dog-accented English, which leads me to believe that Astro must be a distant descendent of Scooby Doo.  Not pictured is their robotic housekeeper, Rosie.  But back to George.

George and his family live on an indeterminately future Earth, in a towering space needle type of house.  The ground below is almost never seen, and all humans who live in George's time live in such high towers so they can escape the lower altitude smog, and use various sorts of flying vehicles to travel between buildings.  [One theory is that the Flintstones and the Jetsons actually live in the same time--the Flintstones and their ilk being much more primitive "ground dwellers" while the Jetsons and their kind are more socially upward humans who, in a manner of speaking, left them behind.]

George Jetson works as a digital index operator for a company called Spacely's Space Sprockets, the "sprocket" being some form of undetermined futuristic technology that allows humans of George's world to live as they do.  George's job is extremely stressful--at one point he complained of having to work for one hour, two days a week.  His job consists almost entirely of repeatedly pushing a button on his work computer, called RUDI (for Referential Universal Digital Indexer).  He is frequently fired and then re-hired by his tyrannical boss, Cosmo Spacely.

But George is a good-hearted soul who loves his family and is loyal to his employer, and on rare occasions, he is able to relax and enjoy the company of his family and his dog, and even smoke a pipe.

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