Friday, December 14, 2012

Another photo with no explanation

This is another photo I found with no explanation.  If anyone has information on what this vehicle is, please leave a comment.  Otherwise...well, here it is.

It looks to me like something Mr. Bean would probably run over.


  1. It's a Brütsch Mopetta -

  2. This looks like a Heinkel scooter...

  3. The Brutsch Rollera was first manufactured in 1951 in Germany, this was not a successful vehicle however with just eight vehicles being produced. A couple of years later the company introduced the Brutsch Mopetta. This vehicle was a single seater and powered by a 49cc engine. At just 1.70 m long and 0.88 m wide the vehicle was the Worlds smallest 3-wheeler until 1965 when the Peel 50 was produced by the Peel Engineering Company. Only 14 Brutsch Mopetta’s were ever built. Manufacture ceased in 1958.

    1958 Brutsch Mopetta