Saturday, January 26, 2008

SOLD: TED'S 357 prince


This one has been sitting in my "work-on" box since I took a break from refurbishing a few years ago. I always thought that when I started again, this would be the first pipe I would work on because it was in such good shape and should be easy to clean up. And it was.


Left -- "TED'S" on the shank, "T" on the stem.
Right -- "LONDON ENGLAND" over "357" on the shank.


Overall length -- about 6 inches.
Bowl opening -- about 7/8 inch.
Bowl depth -- about 1 1/4 inches.

Light scuffing on the bit, light char on back rim, some fills.

I haven't been able to find out anything about Ted's pipes. It's possible that the Ted might just be the name of the shop where the pipe was originally sold. The 357, which appears to be a shape number, makes me think Ted might be the pipe maker.

I sampled this pipe with Cornell & Diehl's Bayou Morning, a light Virginia/Perique blend. I usually favor heavier flavors but I'm using this one to help prevent seasoning and biasing the pipe toward a particular flavor. It smokes just as cool and smooth as any pipe should and the elegant prince shape really appeals to me. I have no other prince in my collection, but I'm clearing out room and mostly focusing on collecting Kaywoodies, so this one is up for sale or trade.

This pipe will be throughly re-cleaned and sanitized before being sold. It will be ready to smoke when you receive it. More pictures at higher resolution are available upon request.

Five dollars (plus a couple for shipping) and it's yours. Or if you have a Kaywoodie that's in decent shape, furnish me with pictures and some info and I'll consider trading. Leave a comment or email me at alandp (at) blazeisp (dot) com. Pipe tool not included.

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  1. Hey, I noticed you don't have many comments on the Briar Files (in fact, none that I can see.) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that at least I'm reading. I'm pretty into cheap pipes, though I'm only a fledgling at the hobby.

    I'd be happy to offer you five (or more) bucks for that 357 Prince if you still have it. I live in Taiwan, so cool pipes aren't so easy to find out here. If you've got any more available, I might take a look as well :)

    Please let me know!

    duane (at) ilidesign (dot) com