Monday, September 14, 2009

Making do

In case I haven't declared it recently enough, my favorite pipe tobacco is Bayou Night by Cornell & Diehl.  I ran out a few days ago, and I need to wait for the next paycheck before I order more.

I have plenty of other perfectly good--some excellent--tobaccos in my "cellar" (which is actually a cabinet), but none of them are Bayou Night.

And then I remembered:  I still have some C&D Gray Ghost, and I still have some straight Perique ordered from Cup O' Joes.  It's been a while since I mixed up any Don't Tread On Me.

DTOM is my own personal concoction, made by mixing Gray Ghost with Perique.  Gray Ghost is a blend of maduro and Virginia.  The "don't offend innocent bystanders any more than really necessary" mix is 3/16 Perique to 13/16 Gray Ghost.  A more robust mixture, which tends to drive away anyone downwind, repels mosquitoes and doesn't have so much a "room note" as it does a blast radius, is 3/8 Perique to 5/8 Gray Ghost.

I didn't really feel like digging out the digital scale and weighing out such specific amounts, so I just mixed it about half and half, along with about a quarter-pipeful of leftover Bayou Night.

A little rough.  Should be much better in a few days, when the flavors have had time to meld a little.  But it will do.  It will do.


  1. I have to agree...Bayou night is something to talk about. Latakia is good. I personally have a preference towards Buccaneer. Little less "punchy" but nice. Good luck getting to the next bag of delicious. (I just finished off a bag of Friars 1804 - not a repeater for me)

  2. Sorry, I didn't realize what company you are talking about, I was thinking of edwards tobacco here in denver. Aromatics, nice though. I'm going to have to try the sampler at Cornell. Sounds good.