Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage Ad (1945): Kaywoodie Pups

Before I decided to take a break from this blog several months ago, it was my habit to post a vintage pipe-related ad every Wednesday. Well, I think I'm ready to begin again, and this being Wednesday, here is a vintage ad.

As I have said before, Kaywoodie "never let a hunk of wood go to waste." So in this case, what I think happened is that they had a lot of small burls that weren't big enough to make real pipes. Solution: make small pipes. The Pup line were made to look exactly like the same model/shape of regular-sized Kaywoodies, except in miniature. They were technically able to be smoked, although I don't know if such a smoke would be very enjoyable. I have managed to get my hands on only one Pup, a straight bulldog with a diamond shank, but it is no longer smokeable because a previous owner burned through the bowl. This doesn't surprise me much, because these small pipes had consequently thinner bowl walls.

So if you manage to get your hands on a Pup that is still in a smokeable condition, be careful with it.

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  1. Very cool. Loving the small pipes. I have had a Missippi Meershaum that is about as small and perfect for on the go smoking. The small pipe is great for when there isn't time for a full bowl. Also great for children!