Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vintage Ad (1947): Hollycourt pipes

Not 75%, not 80%, but exactly 77.7% drier, PROVED BY ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY SMOKING TESTS. Okie-dokie.

I have never heard of Hollycourt pipes aside from this old ad which I found somewhere on the internet, but here we have another gimmick pipe with some kind of aluminum doohicky incorporated into the stem that was supposed to prevent clogging(?!) and create a 77.7% drier smoke.

Unfortunately this graphic is kind of low-res and it's hard to read all the fine print, but you may also notice that these pipes were pre-smoked, and I'm pretty sure it says "by Linkman's Executive machine." So I suspect that this pipe was an offshoot of Dr. Grabow.


  1. Great stuff. You've likely seen this but there are some great older pipe tobacco ads on Youtube from before the communists told us what could and couldn't be advertised on television:

    Thanks for the post!