Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vintage Brochure (1950s or '60s): Dr. Grabow

Dr. Grabow brochure inside 1

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Submitted for your erudition is this old Dr. Grabow brochure. Undated, but I'm guessing 1950s- or '60s-era. This brochure was mixed in with a lot of estate pipes that I once purchased via eBay. After making these scans and saving them for my own future reference, I promptly sold the brochure for a profit like any good SubGenius would. I remember it was purchased by someone in England; the postage to send it there cost more than his winning bid.

This brochure has many nuggets of trivial information that may be usefully inconsequential for the pipe smoker and/or Dr. Grabow collector (come on, I know you Grabowers are out there). For example, at this time there was at least one line of pipes that were being pre-smoked with Carter Hall. We also get a cool sketch of the smoking machine and learn that it was featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. We also get to see color illustrations of some of their pipes at that time (with model names and numbers), and an explanation with cut-away illustration of the Ajustomatic system.

Perhaps most importantly, we are given a strong clue as to the origin of "Bob". If you are unfamiliar with "Bob", he will be covered soon in the Featured Pipe Smoker series.


  1. Must admit that I love me a Dr. G! I have two of viscount color pipes ( a blue bulldog and a green apple shaped ), gotta love it!

  2. Thanks for posting that brochure!!! I collect Dr. Grabow pipes and info and that is a different one than I have ever seen -- wish I would have seen it to bid on it.

    Yep, there are quite a few of us that like Dr. Grabow pipes and we not only admit, we brag on it! --RJ--