Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vintage Ad (1941): Half and Half

Here's an old H&H ad that somebody cropped a little bit too much.

This is another of those old traditional American blends that I can't stand. I usually leave it just at that. However, with Half & Half I must go further.

This stuff is absolutely disgusting. If some kind of temporal accident were to happen that sent me back in time so that I met the man who invented this, I would have to ask him to step outside. This is stuff is ao bad, if I ever am unfortunate enough to find myself downwind of someone smoking it, I should have to have some harsh words with him.

For several months after trying this, anything with Burley in it would give me Half & Half flashbacks. I was able to only gag my way through about 1/3 of a bowl before I gave up and dumped it out. Fortunately, I was only using a cheap corncob so it didn't permanently contaminate one of my good pipes.

This is still one of those standard drugstore concoctions that somehow has managed to be sold decade after decade, so I guess someone likes it, but I have no idea why.

It is called Half & Half because it is supposed to be a simple mixture of 1/2 Virginia and 1/2 Burley. I'm pretty sure there's at least 5% goat urine in there somewhere.

Now. In the future, if I ever go into a mini-Half-&-Half rant or refer to "the Half & Half incident," you'll know what I'm referring to.

I get the willies just writing about it.

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