Friday, January 3, 2014

Pipe Smoker: E. Howard Hunt

Everette Howard Hunt (1918 - 2007)

"No one is entitled to the truth."

Oh, E. Howard Hunt.  Spy (make that "intelligence officer"), author, burglar, professional bastard.  A long-time CIA spook who retired from the CIA to become head of security for Richard Nixon's administration, he was indicted for his involvement in the infamous Watergate scandal.  He did a bunch of other shady things that most honorable men would be loathe to do.

He also wrote a few non-fiction books and a great many novels in the spy and hard-boiled genres.  He allegedly confessed, on his deathbed, to a great deal of knowledge about and involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but who knows if any of it is true?

Anyway, here's a photo of him supposedly smoking a pipe.

Washington Post