Sunday, March 30, 2008

Featured Pipe Smoker: David Blair

David Blair

No birth and death dates. I don't have that kind of information for him.

David Blair was Second Officer for the Titanic. A few days before the ship made its fateful voyage, he was "bumped off the ship." He wrote to his sister: "Am afraid I shall have to step out to make room for chief officer of the Olympic. This is a magnificent ship, I feel very disappointed I am not to make her first voyage."

He supposedly accidentally took the key to the locker which contained the binoculars with him. So the lookout who took his place did not have access to the ship's binoculars, and therefore didn't spot the iceberg.

A lame excuse, it seems to me, and a crackpot theory to impugn a probably innocent man.

More details at the Daily Mail.

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