Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekly pipe cleaning

Finished cleaning up this week's pipes. I smoked only 5 different pipes this week, but the Wellington and the Kaywoodie lovat got smoked every day with just quick clean-outs in between, since they were my truck pipes this week.

Next week's truck pipes will be the Wellington again, and the Kaywoodie yacht export pipe.

The Wellington can get really gunked up. I spent more time cleaning it than all four other pipes together, I think.


  1. How do you clean a kaywoodie? I can't pass a cleaner thru the stinger.

  2. Use a pipe cleaner that doesn't have a lot of body. Those cheap chenielle stems that you can get at an arts & crafts shop are good for this. Just poke them carefully through the hole in one side and out the other, then pull it all the way through. For four-hole stingers do it twice, once for each set of holes. If the stinger is terribly gunked up, just soak it in some alcohol for a while. Some high-proof alcohol like vodka or rum (I prefer Everclear) will dissolve all that stuff out.