Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vintage Ad (early 1900s): Old English Curve Cut Pipe Tobacco

I don't know the exact year of this ad, but I'm fairly certain it's around 100 years old, because I have two other ads for this type of tobacco from 1900 (posted last week) and 1908.

This is a color version of the ad (one of the others is an older black and white version), which I obviously had to stitch together because the original (wherever I snagged it from--I don't remember) was cut in two. The stodgy old English guy portrayed here was apparently a somewhat regular fixture of this brand--he also appears, though must less prominently, in another ad I'll post in the future.

The pipe portrayed in this ad is a clay churchwarden, which he is correctly holding by the stem because the bowl of a clay gets much too hot to hold with bare fingers.


  1. Nice post and wonderful image. I really love these wonderful old posters and ads. The energy coming from this one makes me smile.

    I'm enjoying reading through your posts. This is a fun site!

  2. Wow! I have an old tin of this tobacco. Too neat! The date is about right. I seem to remember a 1901 tax stamp being pasted onto the side of the tin.