Monday, March 31, 2008

Kaywoodie Lady Briar

Another pipe of interest, by which I mean, a pipe which interests me because it teaches me about yet another kind of pipe that was once made, and helps me fill in a little bit more of Kaywoodie history, but which I have no desire to actually own myself. As usual, photos grabbed from a recent eBay auction. Click on them for larger versions.

The Kaywoodie Lady Briar. A slim pipe with an elegant sweep and rhinestones adorning the bowl. Yes, you read that right. Rhinestones. Because lady pipe smokers won't touch a pipe that doesn't sparkle, I guess.

I'm sure there's a lesson about sexism in here somewhere, but I don't particularly care to look for it. This pipe did have some otherwise collectible value, because for a 40 to 50-year-old pipe, it had never been smoked. It sold for $66.

I am always interested in documentation that comes with old pipes, too (sometimes the documentation is more interesting than the pipe itself), and this one was still in the original packaging with smoking instructions included. These specific instructions on breaking in a new pipe are, to me, quite amusing. Exactly six half-bowls must be smoked first. Clean the stem after every ten bowls.

But the rhinestones. Oh, the rhinestones!

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