Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Charatan Canadian Selected

Sometimes you just get lucky. (Click to enlarge for both photos).

Found in an eBay lot of otherwise serviceable but unremarkable pipes was this bitless Charatan in the Canadian shape. I cleaned it up inside and out, but have not yet bothered to give it a buff and wax. I might give the rim a little more attention and see if I can make it sparkle.

Nomenclature on the top of the shank is "CHARATAN'S MAKE" over "LONDON, ENGLAND" and "SELECTED" just beneath that.

According to this article by Ivy Ryan, the Selected grade was second from the top, eclipsed only by the Supreme. Unfortunately this one no longer had the original bit, which may have had further nomenclature on it. Even without the bit, this is probably the most valuable pipe in my collection, and is yet another one that I am looking forward to getting fitted for a new bit.

NOTE: I first read the linked article on Charatan pipes some time ago and saved it to my computer. I don't recall where I originally saw it, but found this newer link just now. I did not know there was a Pipedia.

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  1. Alan,

    What a lovely bowl. I guess it is very light, too? It looks exactly like a Charatan I received as a present for my 16th birthday from my parents in 1984. That was already late for new Charatans, and strange things happened: my pipe was obviously intended to be the same shape (Canadian) and one of the higher grades (if not Select, definitely Special: gorgeous bird eyes), but due to some flaw in the stem, they shortened it by over on third and added a longer mouthpiece, making it a Billiard with an oval stem, and graded it as a Belvedere. It still smokes gorgeous, though, with the second mouthpiece in its life. Have one made for yours quick (it should rather not be the "double comfort bit", but a conventional shape), and enjoy. - Jens from Hamburg