Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Check out this post at my-pipes.com. Really, go look. The cake is just as thick as the briar!

I got a box of estate pipes once that I assumed all belonged to the same person. Going through the pipes, I came to the conclusion that this person had smoked one pipe, and one pipe only, never cleaning it, until it became unusable. Then he tossed it in a box and started on another one. In this box of pipes there were probably about a dozen that looked pretty much like the pipe at the link above, plus one pipe that had only rudimentary cake and one pipe that was completely unsmoked. I can only assume he died not long after starting the penultimate pipe, and never lived long enough to touch the last one.

Fortunately the referenced pipe above was restored, and the "after" pictures look much better.

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  1. This reminds me of an old Phyllis Diller line--"My oven is so full of crud there's only room enough to bake one cupcake."