Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rough cuts

Hmmm...I got this one a little out of focus but there's no detail to see, anyway. Got home from my mandatory overtime Saturday, had something to eat, and went at it with the coping saw.

I should make it very clear that not only am I not good with my hands, I have absolutely zero experience in pipe making. I'm sure that I have several generations of great-grandfathers watching me in amusement and making bets on how long it takes me to destroy it. There are carpenters and wood-workers on both sides of my family, but apparently that talent skipped a generation. Although...I did build the porch that you have been seeing bits of in my photos. Those specks of paint you see are from the kids practicing their "arts & crafts."

Anyway, I got rid of all the corners and now I have something that actually looks like it might be a pipe. That's it for the sawing. Now I go into the file phase. I'm hoping to turn this one into a poker.

The cut-off bits of briar will be saved so I have real briar to do staining experiments with.

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  1. "Good with your hands" is something that grows, with practice and a bit of thought. I've worked with my hands a fair amount, and yesterday launched into turning a hunk of gunstock walnut into a pipe. Probably 8 hours later and a lot of dremel, chisel, die grinder time and some thought and many pipes, got me something. But I'm really surprised that I haven't made more mistakes.
    Best of luck.