Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kaywoodie #13B Drinkless author

Another part of my small Kaywoodie collection, and the last pipe I ever took a picture of with my old scanner. From now on, I'll have to try and take decent photos of everything.

This one is at the lowest rung of the Kaywoodie ladder, the Drinkless. Another find from an eBay lot that I didn't smoke much at first because I wasn't used to the unusually wide bowl mouth, this has become one of my favorites and is part of my regular rotation. The stummel and stem line up perfectly and it still has its 3-hole stinger intact. I also think the author shape is just one of the sweetest pipe shapes ever created.

Since acquiring this pipe, I have been on the lookout for higher grades of Kaywoodies in the author shape, but so far, no luck.

And that just about finishes out my current collection. I'll be going through my boxes and picking out more pipes to work on, and I'll be getting some stems fitted to some stummels pretty soon. I'll also be watching eBay for promising items, ordering some new tobaccos and commenting on them. So stay tuned, and thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog.


  1. Indeed, Kaywoodie really executed this shape well. Just a heads up, Kaywoodie plans a re-release of this exact shape & sizing, it's due later this spring. It will be available in a push stem (non-drinkless) stem.

  2. If you're interested, SM Frank Co is reintroducing the 13b in a wide range of finishes (standard grades, gold series, straight grains, etc...) They are stamped 13b and lack a stinger.

  3. i have one of thees but has the writing on the bottom and appears to be a blasted finish that is rough have been trying to find info on it i posted it on e bay as well if you want to see it