Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have blisters on my hand from reaming pipes. I had to wear a leather work glove to finish. Worked on 13 pipes this morning--not all of them requiring reaming. Some were in embarrassingly ugly shape. I didn't go so far as to bleach stems or do any buff & waxes, but I did clean off the rim cake and gave a few stems a good work-over with toothpaste.

I'll have to do this kind of more thorough cleaning every week or two so I don't have such a big job to do again.

And I missed one pipe, the little Italian billiard that I use for aromatics. I'll work on it later. I straightened up my tobacco shelf to see what I have left, and thought a little about what to order soon. I'll probably be getting some sampler collections from C&D, revisiting some old blends I like but haven't had in a while, and working on some tobacco reviews.

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