Saturday, February 16, 2008

Much better

I fired up some of C&D's Bayou Morning in the Smokemaster, and it tastes much better now. Sometimes I neglect my own pipes, I must admit. I'll have to reinstate the weekend cleaning ritual that I used to perform diligently back when I had only a half dozen pipes.

The reamer I use is the Senior Pipe Reamer like the one pictured at I've been thinking about getting another reaming tool such as the Pip Net Reamer which I think will work better for bottom-of-the-bowl reaming.

The Senior Reamer is really two tools in one. The top unscrews to reveal a small drill bit with a knob on top that is used to open up the air passage, and which I find to be indispensable in opening up really gunked up pipes.

I had special trouble cleaning my old Wellington today, and it required extra work with the drill to open up the air passage at the base of the bowl. This is one of my favorite pipes, and I had put it aside for a few weeks because it had become impossible to smoke. I'm looking forward to getting it back into action again. I'll talk about it more soon, when I make a post for it.

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