Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two mystery pipes I'm working on

I didn't do much of anything today, which is typical when I have only a one-day weekend. While catching up on last night's adult swim anime, I went through my boxes and half-heartedly worked on a couple of pipes. Above is a straight Dublin shape Yello-Bole which has the "KBB inside a cloverleaf" logo of the early (and pre-) Kaywoodies. The only Yello-Boles I've heard of with this kind of logo are very old, but this pipe doesn't seem all that old. I'll have to poke around on the internet and see if I can find some information about it. The previous owner somehow managed to chew up the bit without ever smoking the bowl all the way down; the trademark Yello-Bole honey cake is still coating the heel of the bowl. It's too dark to get a sharp close-up of the logo, but I'll try again when I have good sunlight. This is one that I might try sanding and then attempting to stain the rim to match the rest of the pipe.

I spent a lot of time reaming out this lovat. It has no nomenclature on it that I can discern, so I don't know the maker. Normally, pipes in the Canadian family don't show up as "basket pipes." This is a term used by pipesters to refer to the cheap pipes that you might find jumbled into a basket at the tobacconist instead of prominently displayed on a rack like the more expensive pipes. Someone had to go to the trouble of finding and cutting a long piece of briar that was suitable for this style of pipe, so the lack of nomenclature is puzzling. That white mark and possibly the design of the stinger are the only clues, but I'm stumped. I gave this bit a quick bleach dip but obviously it still looks bad and is a long way from being finished. I also spent a lot of time cleaning the tar build-up from the rim. This pipe should look pretty good once I'm finished with it, except for some tooth marks on the bit.

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